postheadericon 3 tips for more business growth: How to penetrate your market!

If there is a corporate goal that can be directly impacted by marketing measures, then that’s company growth. Growth is essential for any company to compete, to withstand the ever increasing cost pressure and to generate the necessary return. Factoring Company is the appropriate fashion term for this. Growth hackers are employees, especially in startups, who have only one goal. You want to drive business growth with the help of individual measures and activities. But also in the classical industry, the growth target is always on the agenda. Therefore, we have put together some tips for your growth strategy.

Business growth through continuous price adjustments!

Prices must be increased. This very simple measure results from a little basic knowledge. Sales are equal to price times quantity. Or mathematically U = p * x. In order to generate more sales the quantity and / or the price can be increased. In many companies there is an unnatural fear of price increases. But with continuous price increases, market conditions can be better exploited. Of course, one should first of all capture the price levels of one’s own brands and products in order to be able to optimally use the price scope. In most markets there is more of a lack of transparency, so a price increase of 2-3% almost never occurs.

Cross-selling: more selling!

The online retailers make it:”Customers,who bought this, have bought that too.” Try to find matching combinations. The shoe retailer, who does not sell any care products for the shoes, is negligent and the mechanical engineer, who does not sell a maintenance contract to the machine, is also negligent. In every business model, there are opportunities to make additional sales.

Up-selling: sell better!

In many cases, customers inform themselves about a product and then ask for exactly this product. The situation seems simple. The customer knows the product and has learned a price point. Active selling, however, requires a proper situation analysis. What does the customer really need? Can not one offer him a higher quality product to better meet his needs? The automotive industry makes it to us. Additional equipment and accessories always lead afterwards to a higher sale price than initially thought. The various menus are a fine example of a skillful up-selling. Instead of just a burger, the customer usually buys a burger, fries and a drink in the menu. This is simply amazing for the users.

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