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The majority of small and medium-sized business owners when looking for an accountant (ordinary or remote) want to find not only an ordinary employee with a certain specialization, but also use his knowledge to make financial forecasts for the conduct of an activity. Answering the question how to choose an accountant, it should be noted that a competent specialist can save up to 30% of the annual profit.

The main requirements that are put forward to candidates

It is important for the leader to see the accountant’s participation in all the main processes of the activity in order to be sure of the legality and financial benefit of the operations being conducted. The accountant serves as the second person of the entrepreneur. Through his hands passes all the financial flow and ensures the legality of payment of tax bills, compilation of reports and other related processes.

What requirements does an individual entrepreneur put forward to the desired candidate:

  • Work experience in accounting for more than three years;
  • Knowledge of existing laws, including the study of changes in taxation;
  • Formation of forecasts and analysis of the company’s activities;
  • Complex control over cash and non-cash means, including the formation of reports and other interactions with fiscal authorities.

Basis for selecting a specialist

These funds are taken from the correct preparation of tax reports, optimization of costs, reducing the level of fines from fiscal services. Such an expert must have experience in the field of private business.

If it is a question of the chief accountant, then it is important to take into account his qualifications, because the law can establish administrative responsibility for financial violations.

Recommendations for conducting search and verification of potential candidates

Knowing how to choose a chief accountant, you can save yourself from temporary and financial expenses for the maintenance of unskilled employees. For larger enterprises, the use of services of a consulting or audit company that will help in the selection or control of the specialist’s knowledge level will be relevant.

The main type of verification of the effectiveness of the required level of expertise of the selected experts is testing or negotiation, which are aimed at determining the level of current knowledge. Actual will be the task of solving a financial transaction with a detailed method of decision by the candidate.

Features of motivation and the reason for unsuccessful searches

It is not recommended to search by ads, as often accountants who are left without work, resort to this method of searching. The main motivational component for the employee is the salary. For an accountant, this amount can reach up to 100 thousand rubles or more per month (for large companies).

With an independent choice of candidates, about a third of accountants do not pass the probationary period. The reason for this can be an unvalued level of knowledge in various fields. In some cases, the best option will be to obtain outsourcing services or qualified advice from the accounting auditing and bookkeeping services. If necessary, you can contact the experts for further assistance.

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