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In traditional kitchens of the peoples of Russia, soups take an important place, and to hear from a grandmother or mother “Eat soup, and then you’ll earn a sore” to children in our country used to be used to. But now, in the age of the Internet, a lot of information is available on proper healthy nutrition, which is sometimes quite contradictory.

The Opinions

Some say that soup for lunch should be eaten, others, on the contrary, talk about the harmfulness of soups. Which of them is right? Than it is good egusi soup.

  1. Hot soups – very good food in the autumn and winter. They have a beneficial effect on the metabolism; they warm and are quickly absorbed, supplying the body with energy.
  2. If the secretory function of the stomach is insufficient, eating soups on meat broth can stimulate the secretion of gastric juice, providing better digestion of food.
  3. In spite of the fact that products in soups are subjected to heat treatment, in contrast to quenching or frying, some ofthe substances beneficial for the body do not collapse.
  4. Including soups in your diet, you can monitor the fluid balance. Most people drink a little water during the day, and with the help of the first courses this defect is easy to replenish.
  5. Soups on chicken broth can fight the symptoms of colds and positively affect immunity. This is due to the fact that during cooking, the proteins contained in chicken meat are partially broken up into specific peptides acting as immune-stimulants.
  6. It’s easier to organize a proper weight reduction or keeping it at the right level if you have soup for lunch, and not second dishes. With the same volume in the first dishes contains fewer calories, but the reason to stay hungry is not – the broth creates a sense of satiety.

The Opinions of the American Nutritionists

American nutritionists even conducted a special experiment: two groups of subjects were asked to eat dishes prepared from the same products, but one – in the form of soup, and another – in the form of a second. All had the opportunity to eat until full satiety, but the calculations showed: the group that offered soup, consumed an average of 35% less calories.

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