postheadericon Elements of automation of business processes in the system of the document flow

The set of problems which managers and managers feel in all branches of business daily is behind the trivial term document flow. Today each concept of business management dictates document flow automation it is almost impossible to analyze remote and defective results of operations, and management without analysis of data losses.

Main business problems of the document flow
Problems of not automated business processes of document flow of the organization can influence both works of the certain employee, and in a consequence on the reputation of the company in general – the rather small oversight in the form of loss of the document or the slightest distortion of information. Often occur among similar problems of not automated document flow:
the high cost of processing of each document;
frequent loss of documents;
information leakage;
distortion of information;
delays in decision-making;
the slow movement of documents – the overestimated loading of personnel;
reputational and legal risks.
Document flow business processes
The practice of automation of business processes in the electronic document management system (EDMS) begins with an assessment of the logic of document flow of the company. The logic of document flow, in general, depends on the sphere of business, considering specifics of business process management
of the organization, however, there are general business processes of electronic document flow which are applied practically in each business:
approval of documents
collecting responses according to documents
preparation of documents, coordination, execution (internal documents and documents for contractors)
In more detail the business process of document flow of the organization can look as follows:

documents acceptance, coming to the organization;
their preprocessing;
drawing up, coordination and registration;
operations with outgoing documents;
sending proceeding and the direction to internal documents;
preliminary consideration of documents;
document registration and distribution;
directory work;
drawing up, coordination and paperwork;
similar operations with internal documents.

Advantages of the automated document flow
The automated document flow opens the new horizons before the organization, in particular, helps to accelerate work, allows being ahead of competitors at acceptance as operational, tactical, and strategic decisions.

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