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The confidence of entrepreneurs in road transport in the country has reached the highest point in ten years. Order portfolios are well filled and profits are increasing. Only the rates are still low.The first quarter of this year was excellent for most road transporters, according to the latest economic report from Transport and Logistics of the country. Domestic activity declined somewhat, but that is normal for the first three months of a calendar year.

Other Activities

This was offset by the increasing international activity. The last thing happened that a year and a half ago. The expectations for the level of activity in the second quarter are also favorable, especially for large companies. For the last category the ‘mood indicator’ came for April and in May and June at 8.5. Small companies are the least delighted, with an indicator of 6.0.

  • In the first quarter, in a previous survey, only 17% more activity was expected compared to the last quarter of last year. In practice, 35% saw the activities increase further. The whole year also promises to be busier than the previous one, according to many entrepreneurs.
  • The assessment of turnover development remained, at 7.2, approximately the same as in the last quarter of 2016. There was a decrease in domestic transport, but it was an increase in international transport. The profit development showed a small decrease. The assessment of the returns fell by the average entrepreneur from 6.4 to 6.1.

Remaining Margin

The remaining margins have been the main complaint of many road load board companies for years. The rates are still under pressure. Work was done, but it does not work to increase our profit margin. And that is really just necessary for healthy business operations.

However, many more entrepreneurs are now in the black figures than a few years ago. In 2014, only 50% of the companies in the first three months retained a profit on their activities. This percentage would gradually increase over the next quarters and years, reaching 71% in the first quarter of this year. Only 12% look under the line against a red number.

64% of all companies now rate the financial position as strong to very strong. In 2015, for example, that percentage did not exceed 57. There are fewer companies (7.5%) that view their own position as weak to very weak.


For certain transport tasks you do need trucks. Trains cannot be driven everywhere. This is a technical truth. As soon as a train reaches a border, problems arise with other overhead lines and different signals. During the economic crisis, rail transport lost part of its market share to road transport.Freight transport by rail can indeed compete with road transport. Relatively fast trains that carry large quantities of goods over longer distances without delay (500 kilometers and more) can be a good substitute for road transport.

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